The Code of Criminal Procedure

S.No.List of Doctrines/MaximsMeaningSection Number
 1Generalia Specialibus Non DerogantGeneral things do not derogate special thingsSection 5
 2Crimen Trahit PersonamThe crime carries the personSection 177
 3In limineAt the outset, on the thresholdSection 190
 4Majus continet in se minusThe greater contains the lessSection 222
 5In absentiaIn the absence of the person involvedSection 273
 6Nemobis punitur poreo dem delictoNo one can be punished twice for the same crimeSection 300
 7Autrefois acquit and autrefois convictA person has been previously acquitted/convicted in respect of the same offence.Section 300
 8Rule against Double JeopardyNo person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same offence more than once.Section 300
 9Audi alteram partemAccused gets a fair chance to defend himself.Section 313
 10Judex damnatur cum nocens absolvitorJudge is condemned when guilty is acquittedSection 319
 11In cameraIn privateSection 327
 12Nemo debet esse judex in propria sua causaNo man can be a judge in his own caseSection 352