Hindu Law

S. No.List of DoctrinesMeaningSection Number/Topic
 1Doctrine of Factum ValetA fact cannot be altered by hundred textsSchools
 2Leges Posteriores Priores Contrarias AbrogantLater laws repeal earlier laws inconsistent therewithSection 4 (HMA)
 3Optima Legum Interpres Est ConsuetudoThe best interpreter of laws is customSection 5 (HMA)
 4Principle of consortiumRestitution of Conjugal RightsSection 9 (HMA)
 5A Mensa Et ThoroFrom Bed and BoardSection 10 (HMA)
 6Animus DeserendiIntention to desertSection 13 (HMA)
 7A Vinculo MatrimoniiFrom the bond of matrimonySection 13 (HMA)
 8A communi observantia non est recedendumThere should be no departure from common observance or usageSection 13B (HMA)
 9Fair Trial RuleIt prevents hasty recourse to legal proceedings before the parties have made real efforts to save their marriage from disaster.Section 14 (HMA)
 10Doctrine of AccretionProperty acquired with the aid/assistance of the ancestral propertyCoparcenary Property
 11Doctrine of BlendingSeparate property of a member thrown into the common stock with the intention of abandoning all separate claims on it and to such an extent that it cannot be distinguished from the joint family property.Coparcenary Property
 12Doctrine of DetrimentProperty acquired at the cost of the joint family propertyCoparcenary Property
 13Principle of propinquityOne who is nearer in blood relationship succeedsLaw of inheritance
 14Principle of religious efficacy or spiritual benefitsA person who confers more religious benefit on the deceased is preferred to those who confer less spiritual benefit.Law of succession
 15Principle of owelty or equality of partitionWhere no balancing is possible due to difference in the value of the properties, then such items Can be allotted to one person, while other is given a compensation in terms of money equivalent.Partition
 16Qui in utero est, pro jam nato habetur, quoties de ejus commodo quaeriturHe who is in womb is considered as born as far as benefits are consideredSection 20 (HSA)
 17Nemo ex suo delicto meliorem suam conditionem facere potestNo one can perfect his condition by a crimeSection 25 (HSA)
 18Doctrine of escheatThe property of a person who dies without the heirs is transferred to the StateSection 29 (HSA)