Mr. Uday Singh Rathore is an ardent legal scholar, and an experimental mentor. He is the foundation of Karat Lawz Academy. His approach towards law is contrary to the traditional theory of legal instruction. The idea behind his approach is to provide a conceptual introduction and understanding of laws, which leaves an everlasting impact on the students’ minds.

His experience of teaching in the field of law is more than 8 years and so much so that every student studied from him, perceives law to be easiest to understand. His tenacious memory is remarkable, as he remembers all the major sections and the landmark cases of all the laws relevant for legal competitive examinations. He also strives to impart similar excellence to his students and much more.

According to his students, even if they are tired and exhausted, they never want to miss Rathore Sir’s class.

He instills in his students the passion to study and embrace law, with all its vigour. Even from his college days from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, he has been sharing, learning and teaching the wisdom of law. The passion he has for law, automatically gets transferred to his students.

Having given guest lectures in various law colleges as, Jindal Law College, Jamia milia Islamia, Faculty of Law Delhi University, Delhi Institute of Rural Development (DIRD), G.D. Goenka University, Sharda University, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), Inmantec and many more, his exposure to various types of students has widened, thus giving him the ability to cater to and tackle the needs of every student.

The association of such a great legal expert and a most loved mentor, with our institution, is a matter of immense pleasure and pride for us at Karat Lawz Academy. Thus we share a very positive and conducive environment which is helpful for the students to excel in their targeted fields.