Our unique style of teaching makes our judiciary coaching best  in delhi.

The focus and pattern of our teaching will be as follows:

Topic Wise Synopsis

  • Topic wise synopsis of all sub-topics with full explanation and discussions—the discussions will be dictated in a manner to enable you to write it, or a write up on the discussion will be provided.

Our Teaching Style

  • The teaching style of teachers is different and therefore the students are advised to quickly get accustomed to it for their own benefit.
  • Previous years’ tricky questions will be discussed in the class. Model answers of some of these questions will also be explained. The students are advised to follow these model answers and other answer writing tips. We advice practice to other questions on the same pattern.
  • If you want other questions to be discussed, you must write and give it to the teacher who will discuss it in the class properly.
  • For the pre-exams we conduct subject wise standard test papers-which shall be held 2 weeks after a subject is completed.
  • The students should attempt the test papers in the classroom itself as per the dates announced in the class.

Study Different Cases :

  • All important case laws—landmark or current, would be discussed. Some cases will also be provide to the students for their personal reference. These cases shall be carefully studied and be preserved. Any distribution of these cases to outsiders will entail a termination of your admission.
  • Few answer writing practice sessions are conducted. We advised to take these sessions very seriously. Teachers discuss the model answers.
  • We deliver some motivational lectures to boost your confidence and emotional quotient.
  • if there are some unsolved queries, you must write and give it to the teacher and then the teacher will see whether he/she has to discuss it in the class or individually with that particular student.
  • Every next lecture has a small portion of question round for the previous lectures. We advise you to prepare every day. In case of a student fails to respond continuously, the faculty may be asked to talk with you for the concerned.
  • You are free to ask questions in the class room. But only when the teacher invites your questions. Don’t obstruct the teacher when he/she is in a  teaching flow. If the teacher so requires, please write your question on a piece of paper and give it to him; if it is relevant it will be answered the same day or the next day.

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